IELTS Listening Test 50 Words

You would be surprised, if we told you that many words that are used in the IELTS Listening test are quite basic.

IELTS creators often choose the words which are frequently misspelt.

As a result, most non-natives make mistakes in the spelling of these words because they underestimate their importance and therefore do not spend time practising them.

Here they are, yes you might think they are basic words, but you really need to check them carefully, and you are 100 per cent sure that you can spell them.

Tuesday, Thursday, August, October, central, a card, a colour, a balcony, a café, coffee, a computer, a certificate, traffic, an insect, insurance, a garage, engineering, a manager, a phone, a family photo, a tourist, business, environment, technology, a website, a restaurant, a friend, a bicycle, a survey, a passport, health, government, writing, swimming, water, a supermarket, a disease, a bird, double, sugar, blue, electricity, history, safety, a garden, a river, exercises, vocabulary, weather, music.

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