IELTS Vocabulary

Updated: Jan 8

Your test could be soon, but if you have some time before your test you need to practise these words. Make sure you know them and can spell them.

These words can often be spelt wrong by students while taking the IELTS test.

Prepare for IELTS so that you can be ready and make the fewest mistakes as possible.

here is the list:

Tuesday, Thursday, August, October, central, a card, a colour, a balcony, a café, coffee, a computer, a certificate, traffic, an insect, insurance, a garage, engineering, a manager, a phone, a family photo, a tourist, business, environment, technology, a website, a restaurant, a friend, a bicycle, a survey, a passport, health, government, writing, swimming, water, a supermarket, a disease, a bird, double, sugar, blue, electricity, history, safety, a garden, a river, exercises, vocabulary, weather, music

The best advice I can offer when learning spellings is the 'Look Cover Write' method

Look at the word

Cover the word

Write the word

If you are correct. Fantastic! If not try it again

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