I Want to Get a Good Result In IELTS

Updated: Jul 25

Are you thinking of how to get a better result in your Ielts exam?

Here are ways to improve your IELTS band score.

Sometimes various English words can be confusing.

Many students learn advanced vocabulary, some think that the more difficult the word is, the better it is.

But it's not always true.

When they take a real test, they find out that many answers can be quite simple words which they use every day.

BUT these words are not as simple as they seem, and they are definitely worth your attention!

This is because IELTS often choose the words which have the same or similar pronunciation.

As a result, many non-native English speakers make mistakes in the spelling of these words because they underestimate their importance and, therefore, do not revise them.

Here are a few, check their meanings and practice their spelling for your IELTS exam.

So that you get a higher IELTS band score and not make simple errors.

  1. draft, drought, draught

  2. vacation, vocation

  3. fair, fare

  4. root, route

  5. kettle, cattle

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