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 IELTS Part 2 Speaking Topics 2023










Are you confident with these Part 2 IELTS Speaking Topics?   

Getting up early.

Somone who offered you a solution.

A business person you admire.

An exciting book.

A cafe you like.

Being friendly with someone.

A good service you received.

A difficult decision.

A famous athlete.

A trip by car.

A foreign person.

When you waited for something.

A vacation.

A creative person you know.

Something that was expensive.


A waste of time.

Something that was hard to learn.

A family member that made you feel proud.

Something you did that was difficult.

New home.

Something you want to learn.

Some advice you gave.

A famous person.

Somone who you admire from school.

A course that you liked.

A story you remember.

Somewhere you have visited.

An interesting city.


Someone you follow on social media.

A song.


Someone who contributes to society.

A person you like to spend time with.

Where you would like to live.

Something you received for free.

Learning a language

Something you cannot live without.

Somebody you met once and would like to meet again.


An event that you organised.

A day out that didn't cost much.

A positive change in your life.

Quiet places.

Traffic jams.

Losing something.

Rivers and lakes.



Traditional local products.


Healthy activity.

Important event.




We have put together PDF downloads for these topics,

which give you the questions, sample answers,

vocabulary, and phrases,

so that you can revise and improve your

speaking IELTS band score.

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You can download Vacations topic for free here.

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