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IELTS Speaking - Part 1 

In IELTS Speaking part 1, the test will begin with the examiner first introducing himself/herself and then asking you about your identity. 
He/she will then ask you general/ simple questions relating to your background, home, work, studies, family, interests, hobbies and so on. 

These questions will give you an idea of what to expect in the Part 1 Speaking test. 

Work and Studies 

Do you work or are you a student? 

What work do you do? What subjects are you studying? 

Why did you choose that job? 

Why did you choose to study that subject? 

Do you like your job? 

Is there anything you do not like about your work? 

What do you like about your studies? 

What do you dislike about your studying? 

What was your dream job when you were younger? 

Have you changed your mind at all about your dream job? 


Please describe your hometown. 

What is your town well known for? 

Do you like your hometown? 

Is it a large or small town? 

How long have you lived there? 

Do you think you will continue living there? 

Would you like to live in the countryside? 

What is the difference between living in the countryside and city? 

What do people like to do in the countryside or city? 

What do you like to do? 

How has your town changed over the years? 


Do you send many emails? 

Do you prefer to write letters or emails? 

Are there any differences between emails and letters? 

Do you receive many emails? 

Do you respond to emails or letters? 


Are you good at memorising things? 

Why do people often forget trivial things? 

How can you make sure you do not forget things? 


Do you like to spend time alone or with friends? 

What do you enjoy doing with friends? 

When do you spend time with friends or family? 


Do you enjoy drawing or painting? 

Did you do art at school? 

Do you ever visit museums or galleries? 

Do you have a favourite artist? 

Do you think it is easy to learn to draw or paint? 


Do you prefer to be a driver or a passenger? 

What type or car and design do you like? 

Why do you like travelling by car? 

What is the farthest place you have travelled to by car? 

Do you prefer to sit in the front or the back of the car? 

When do you usually travel by car? 


 Do you dream a lot? 

Do you always remember your dreams? 

Do you think they have meanings? 

Do you enjoy sharing your dreams with others 

or enjoy listening to friends telling you, their dreams? 

Daily Routine 

How do you organise your study time? 

What is your daily study routine? 

Do you ever change your plans? 

Have you ever changed your routine? 

What is your favourite time of the day? 

Do you like to plan what you will do each day? 

Please describe your typical daily routine. 

What do you usually do at this time of day? 

Do you usually do the same things at the same time each day? 

Is there anything you want to change in your daily routine? 

Lost and Found 

 What should people do if they find things? 

Is it ok to keep an item that you found? 

What should people do to find something that they lost? 

What things do people usually find or lose? 

Have you ever found something or lost something? 


What kinds of websites do you often visit? 

What kinds of websites are popular in your country? 

Do you have a favourite website? 

Are changes often made to the websites you visit? 



Do you usually handwrite or use a keyboard? 

How do you think most people write today? 

Do you often handwrite with a pen or pencil? 

Do you think handwriting is important? 

Do you think computers will replace handwriting in the future? 

Is your handwriting easy to read by others? 

What impression does someone's handwriting have on other people? 

Do you think someone's handwriting can tell you about their personality? 

Do children handwrite at school in your country? 

How and when did you learn to write? 

How can children today improve their handwriting skills today? 

Did you enjoy writing when you were a child? 


Do you like science? 

Did you enjoy science at school? 

Do you think children should have science lessons at school? 

Do you think science is important to our society? 


Do you like to wear comfortable shoes or stylish shoes? 

Do you think people prefer comfortable or stylish shoes? 

What type of shoe do you prefer? 

Have bought shoes online before? 

How often do you buy shoes? 

Why do some people have too many shoes? 


Do you use headphones? 

When would you use headphones? 

What type of headphones do you use? 

When would you not use headphones? 


What is your favourite colour? 

What colours do your friends and family like? 

Is there a colour you dislike? 

Is there a colour that influences your mood? 

Do you think colours are important? 

What was your favourite colour as a child? 

Do you think women and men have different favourite colours? 

What colour would you choose for your home? 


Is it easy or difficult for you to focus on something? 

When do you find it hard to concentrate? 

What can distract you when trying to stay focused? 

In what situations do you need to concentrate? 

When do you need to stay focused? 

Is there anything you do to improve your concentration? 

Can you multitask easily?  


How do you organise and plan your time? 

Do you find it easy to do this? 

What do you find the hardest in organising and planning your time? 

What plans have you made recently? 

Mobile Phones 

When did you get your first mobile phone? 

Do you use your phone a lot? 

Do you use it more for texting or telephone calls? 

What functions does your phone have? 

When will you upgrade your phone or get a new mobile? 

Could you live without your mobile phone? 


What is your favourite animal? 

Have you ever had a pet, or do you have one now? 

Is there an animal that is popular in your country? 


What is the weather like where you live? 

Do you like the weather where you live? 

What's your favourite weather? 

Do you prefer dry or wet weather? 

Do you like hot weather? 

What do you do when the weather is hot? 


Do you have street markets where you live? 

What do they sell? 

What do you usually buy in a street market? 

Are street markets popular where you live? 

Do you enjoy going to markets? 


How often do you go to the cinema? 

Did you go to the cinema when you were a child? 

Who do you normally go to the cinema with? 

What kinds of films do you like? 


Do you like taking photos? 

What do you use to take your photos? 

What do you enjoy taking photos of? 

Where do keep your photos? 

Do you always save your photos? 


Which apps do you use regularly? 

Which apps interest you? 

Are there any apps that you would like to download? 

Do you spend a lot of time on your apps? 


What genres of TV programmes do you enjoy watching? 

How much TV do you watch each week? 

Do you ever watch TV online? 

Do you think TV can be educational? 

Do you ever watch TV in English? 

Green Spaces 

Do you have parks or green spaces in your town? 

Do you like to go to parks? 

When was the last time you visited a park or a green space? 

Do many people in your area visit parks, are they popular? 

Tell me about your local park or green space? 

What can people do there? 


Do you enjoy sports? 

What sports do you like? 

Did you have a favourite sport when you were a child? 

Do you enjoy watching sports on TV? 

Who do you watch with? 

Do you enjoy watching live sports? 

Is sport popular in your country? 

Is there a particular sport that is extremely popular in your country? 

Additional questions

Do you watch advertisements?
Is there much advertising in your country?
Where do you see advertisements?
Do you like advertisements? 
What kind do you dislike?
Why do you think companies use advertisements?

Boring Things
What things bore you?
Do you get bored often?
What do you do when you are bored?
Did you get more bored when you were younger?

Do you own a watch?
Do you like to wear a watch?
have you ever been given a watch?
Why do some people like expensive watches?

How often do you use a computer?
What do you use your computer for?
How did you learn to use a computer?
Does a computer help you?

Old Buildings
Do you like old buildings?
Should old buildings be preserved?
Do you have many where you live?
Are any of them famous?

Do you like reading?
What books do you like to read?
Do you have a favourite book?
Do you ever learn things from books?
Did you read more books as a child?

Do you like science?
Did you do science at school?
Do you think children should have science at school?
Is science important for us?

Meeting Places
Where do you usually meet friends?
Do you have a favourite meeting place?
Why do you like to meet there?

Do you have any talents?
Did you have any as a child?

Collecting Things
Do you collect things?
Did you collect things as a child?
What types of things do people collect?

In the Evening
Do you enjoy evenings?
What do you normally do in the evening?
Do you prefer mornings or evenings?

Sports Programmes
Do you enjoy watching sports on TV?
Did you like sports as a child?
Do you have a favourite sport?
Do you prefer watching sports on TV or live?
Do you ever watch sport on other devices?
Do you watch sports alone or with others?


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